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03 April 2012 @ 12:42 pm
Leverageland Bingo Post  

103 words for Sneeze
PG, No warnings
Eliot had worked on this damn cake for hours. It had orange cream filling and Hardison’s stupid gummy frogs all over it.

Eliot lit the candles and walked it out to the table while everyone sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Hardison.

Hardison grinned and as he went to blow out the candles, he felt a tickle in his nose. He tried to turn away but it was too late.

He sneezed his birthday candles out.


A few minutes later, Eliot could only look with disgust as Parker ate a piece of cake.

“What? I scraped the icing off! A little.” She shrugged.

2 Gifs for Snow

These next ones all go together in the order they are posted. Warning for violence in some of them. 

159 words for Grim
No warnings:

Eliot looked out over the crowd, surveying the grim faces of his district. He wondered what poor bastards would get called this year.

Would it be Alec, the nerdy kid always talking about how wonderful it would be to live in district three? He probably wouldn’t make it through the first day. Surely he’d run for the cornucopia and get offed in the very first minutes of the game.

Would it be Parker, who grew up in the in the community home? She might have a chance. He’s heard she’s a real acrobat of sorts, always hiding and sneaking food. She was clever, but so young.

Eliot kept looking out at faces he knew, estimated their chances if they were to get called. He was so caught up, he completely missed them calling the girl tribute for his district.

Eliot looked and wondered until he heard them call a name that sent a chill down his spine.

His own.

166 words for Grumpy
No Warnings:

Eliot was grumpy. It was his ‘thing’, his ‘shtick’.
He didn’t know how being grumpy would get him sponsors, but his mentor insisted he used something he was good at doing.

Which is, apparently, being grumpy.

Eliot didn’t like it. Grumpy was a term to describe a petulant child that didn’t get its way, or a toddler that didn’t get a nap. Surely it wasn’t a word to describe 18 year old Eliot. Sure, he was angry a lot, who wouldn’t be when your government sent you into slaughter?

So Eliot decided to say screw it to ‘grumpy’. In that interview he’d play pissed off. He’d play angry, out for blood.

And that's just what he would do. Take his anger for the Capitol out on the 11 other tributes in the arena. It made him sick to think about.

But Eliot was willing to bet the fire in his eyes and words would pull in more sponsors than a little glaring and pouting would.

250 words for Doctor
A Little violence:

Eliot was hurt. It was his own damn fault and he would berate himself for it later, after he took care of it.
He knew not to go for the cornucopia, it was stupid and unless you were a career or really lucky, you didn’t get out of the bloodbath alive. Eliot was no career, but he figured he was fast and had good reflexes. He’d be able to grab something then run before the careers or anyone else got the chance to put a spear or an arrow in him.

He was wrong. He’d managed to grab two backpacks filled with god knows what before he felt a sharp pain in his side. The girl from district one had managed to nick him in the side with a throwing knife.

Eliot ran as fast as he could despite the pain in his side. He’d really hoped there was some sort of first aid kit in one of the packs.

Once he had stopped running and figured it was safe, he assessed the damage to his side. It wasn’t too deep, but it was bleeding pretty badly. He checked the pack and thanked his lucky stars he found a first aid kit in the second one.

He cleaned the wound the best he could before wrapping a bandage around his middle.

Eliot was no doctor, but he figured he’d be okay as long as he kept it clean and stopped the bleeding. For now, he just had to keep moving.

270 words for Sleep
Mentions of death:

Eliot knew he needed to get some sleep or he’d be as good as dead. Adrenaline only got you so far, and now that he’d not seen another tribute in hours, his was running out. He was exhausted from both running and blood loss, and needed to find a safe place to crash.

Not that there was really anywhere safe here.

Eliot found a bush with overhanging branches that would hide him from sight well. He built up padding from leaves and moss, and was lucky enough to get a blanket in  one of the packs. It wouldn’t do much to keep him warm, but it was better than nothing.

He had just gotten himself settled when he heard the anthem and looked up to see who’s pictures would appear in the sky. He’d counted 9 cannon fires earlier in the day.

He watched as the pictures flashed by, skipping right to the boy from district 3, then the pair from 5, the girl from 7, the girl from 9, the female tribute from his own district... Eliot shut his eyes. He didn’t know her before the reaping, but he’d seen her around. He knew several families in his district would be mourning her death. He forced himself to open his eyes to see who else was gone. The boy from 11 and the pair from 12.

Eliot sighed. He supposed that the death of the other tribute from his district was a good thing. It means he wouldn’t have to kill her eventually.

Still, despite his exhaustion from the day, Eliot knew he wouldn’t be getting much sleep tonight.

149 words for Clumsy
Violence, (non essential)Death:

Eliot’s first kill was sort of an accident. Sure, he had been meaning to kill the guy, but not exactly in the way it happened.

Eliot was hiding in a tree when he saw the kid, the male tribute from 8, he thinks, walking towards him. Eliot’s plan was to drop down behind him and strangle him with the rope Eliot had found in the first pack he grabbed. It was a good, solid plan, except for the part where it required Eliot to drop 15 feet from a not so stable tree limb.

So what actually happened was, while Eliot got into position so that he could jump down from the tree, his foot slipped, sending Eliot crashing to the ground.

Well, not quite the ground. Turns out 8 was right under the tree limb when Eliot slipped, breaking Eliot’s fall.

And 8’s neck.

120 words for Bash
Violence and (non essential)Death:

The games are never pretty, and the people in them are never saints(not if they want to live, anyway). Eliot has seen people kill others in some pretty horrendous ways. Its all for survival, he tells himself.

Still, when he swings a heavy tree branch at the girl from 2’s head, he can’t help but feel like a truly despicable human being.

She was coming at him with a knife. She was a career. She would have probably killed Eliot had he not thought fast. Its all survival, it was justified.

But that doesn’t stop the bile from forcing its way out of his mouth after he heard the sickening crack of the tree branch bashing against her skull.

167 words for Happiness
Mentions of Death and Unhappiness:

He won. Eliot actually won. He’d killed the boy from district 4, the last standing besides him, and he won.
Eliot didn’t know how to feel. Happy? No. Happy wasn’t a word that should ever be associated with the games. Relieved then. That it was over, that he was alive. No, he didn’t even feel that.

Numb. Thats what he felt as the hovercraft picked him up. What he felt after waking up from whatever sedative state the Capitol had put him in to heal his wounds. What he felt during the crowning and post game interview.

Not happiness, like his Capitol prep team felt. Like they are telling him he should feel.

He won, he’s alive. Be happy. But he can’t, because he now knows what only the other ‘victors’ before him could know.

There is no winner, and there are no survivors.

Eliot Spencer didn’t survive The Hunger Games. He died in that arena along with the 23 other children the Capitol put in there.
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jesco0307: Eliot hallwayjesco0307 on April 29th, 2012 03:02 pm (UTC)
I know I'm this odd person who hasn't read or watched The Hunger Games, but I thought I give it a try anyways...come on, it has Eliot (and yes, I at least know what it's about)! Great work! And damn, I think I need to buy the book now...
Sam: Eliotspnfreak15 on April 29th, 2012 06:32 pm (UTC)
Thanks for reading even though you haven't read the hunger games :D

The drabbles weren't spoilery for the plot or anything, so if you want to read it you are still pretty much spoiler free :)

Its a good series, and for some reason it meshes with Leverage so well, despite being completely different.