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30 September 2011 @ 08:39 pm
Fic for CWland  
This is for a challenge over at CWland, its a little over 500 words and its, strangely for me, all about Cas. And possibly a little Dean. Spoilers for 7.01.





Castiel was stuck. Trapped within the mind of his vessel with no way out. The Leviathan’s were too strong for him, they took over, but he held on and didn’t let them snuff him out completely, he couldn’t. This was his fault and he needed to fix it.

Castiel could still see. He could still hear. He saw his vessel toss Dean and Bobby like rag dolls, saw other awful, horrible things.

Stop! Just stop, this isn’t right! he screamed, wondering if anyone could hear him.

This is your fault they whispered. Don’t you know where power hungry angels end up, little Cas?

Castiel screamed and lashed out, trying his hardest to take control but they were to strong.

Dean, they are so strong!

Poor little Cas can’t fight back they laughed at him.

They were everywhere, all around him. Constricting and choking his grace, but he wouldn’t let them win. He would fight with everything he could. He told Dean he would make it up to him, and he will.

You won’t get the chance They whispered. This is our world now, and we will burn it to the ground.

They will stop you. They always do He cried back. His grace was being torn, shredded. He could feel them ripping him apart and he couldn’t stop it, couldn’t even see them in the darkness.

Maybe They hissed But it will be too late

Castiel screamed, cried out for Dean, Sam, Bobby, his father . Anyone.


They laughed at him again and sang out.

Don’t you know where naughty little angel’s go?

He hurt, everywhere. And then suddenly he could see. Not through the eyes of his vessel, but he could see in the darkness around him.

Someone was walking to him.

Help! Please He cried to the figure, who was still walking closer.

And a familiar and comforting voice whispered

I’m Here

Dean? Dean help. I’m sorry, please help

Dean stared at him for a long time. The leviathan weren’t tearing at him anymore. Maybe Dean beat them, made them go away. Maybe Dean saved him.

Don’t you know where naughty little angel’s go?

Castiel whimpered. No, they had to be gone. Dean was here now and everything would be okay.

Dean looked at him and raised his arm. Castiel’s vision flicked to something glinting in his hand.

A blade.

No, no please!

Dean stepped closer.

No Dean, stop! STOP

Dean sliced into Castiel, and sliced, and sliced. Castiel screamed out.

PLEASE! I’m Sorry! Dean please I’m sorry, stop!

Dean smirked and sang along with them.

Don’t you know where naughty little angels go?

Castiel cried out one last time before blacking out. The voices whispered to him