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18 August 2011 @ 02:33 am
CWBig Bang Square: Breaking Point  
One Fic for the square Breaking Point.

Word Count: 512

Fandom: Supernatural.

Lucifer was so stubborn, he wouldn’t bend.

So he had to break. And Michael had to be the one to do it.

Michael tried pleading with him, over and over. “Just give in, brother.” He would say. “What will it change? Nothing, Lucifer.”

“You’re Wrong.” is all Lucifer would ever say back. And maybe Michael was wrong, but an order is an order.

Their father gave them an order, and it was his job not only to follow it himself, but to make sure everyone else did as well. Their father’s word was law, he just wished he could make Lucifer realize there was no disobeying, no matter what.

“I wont submit to them Michael! They are less than us, less than God. How can he expect us to submit and bow before something so imperfect?”

Michael grew frustrated. If he couldn’t convince Lucifer to change his mind soon, surely something awful would happen. God isn’t a very patient being.

“Lucifer, please.” Michael was wearing thin. He knew of no other way he could sway his brother than simple pleading, and even that didn’t seem to work.

“No, Michael. I can’t. Why don’t you see it? Why don’t you understand? Why does no one understand?”

And finally, he got the order he knew was coming, but hoped with all his grace wouldn’t.

“Cast him out, Michael.”

“...Yes Father.”
Lucifer would not go willingly. Why would he? Heaven was his home, he deserved to be there. According to him, he did nothing wrong.

But orders were orders.

The battle was long, even for an angel’s standers. It was tiring, never stopping or pausing. It was loud, ringing out all throughout heaven and earth. Constant war with the one person he loved more than...

But that didn’t matter.

History would say Michael beat Lucifer effortlessly. That good prevailed against evil. But that wasn’t the truth of course. Lucifer and Michael were almost evenly matched.

Michael was close to losing. Tired, physically and emotionally. Lucifer was fueled by rage and rebellion. Michael saw only one way he could win this fight.

I’m so sorry Lucifer...

“Lucifer.” Michael said. “I hate you...you are dead to me.”

Lucifer was caught off guard, his pained, shocked face looked up at his brother.

And Michael took his strike. And Lucifer fell.

People think Lucifer fell to earth then became king of hell. They are wrong. When Lucifer fell, he fell right into a cage that would lock him in hell for as long as the seals would hold. Hell wasn’t his kingdom, it was his prison. Sixty Six seals kept him locked away.

When Michael returned to heaven, he was praised. Celebrated. They called him hero, slayer of the dragon.

He didn’t feel like a hero. He felt like a bully.

Lucifer wasn’t the evil he was maid out to be. He was just standing up for what he believed.

Lucifer was stubborn. He wouldn’t bend, so he had to break.

But breaking him caused Michael to shatter.
Megan, Mistress of Luci: Spn_Lucifer_Saddark_princess17 on August 18th, 2011 06:43 am (UTC)