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17 August 2011 @ 05:45 pm
CWBig Bang Square: Crossover  
Alright, at this point I'm just worried about getting these done, not them being good, so beware.

Drabble 1.

Word Count: 279

Fandom: Supernatural/Gilmore Girls.

“Your name is Dean?” The man in the diner said.

Dean nodded “Yeah.”

“And you’re Sam.” He said

“Yup” Sam said

“Not Dean.”


The door opened, a women with curly brown hair walked in.

“Hey Luke, coffee please- what are you doing here?” She looked angrily at Sam.

Sam sighed “Not Dean.”


“I’m not Dean, I’m Sam.”

“I’m Dean.” Dean said.

“No, thats Dean.” She pointed to Sam. “He’s lived in this town for five years, he left and now he is back.”

“No, thats someone else, I just look like him.”

“You are lying so Luke will give you coffee.”

“No I’m really not. Look, I don’t know what this Dean guy did-”
“He dated my daughter on and off for a few years. Then he got married, and cheated on his wife.” She nodded “Took my daughters virginity, then ended up breaking up with her again.”

“And he told me I was holding you back.” Luke said pointedly

“And that!”

“Huh.” Sam said.


“Nothing, just, Dean’s seem to turn out like dicks.”

“I resent that.” Dean frowned.

“I know.” Sam grinned.

The door to the diner opened again.

“Hey mom, whats taking you so- what are you doing here?”

“I’m not Dean.”


“Oh for the love of...” Dean groaned. “Look, He isn’t Dean. His name is Sam, always has been, he isn’t the dude who broke your heart or whatever the hell, and we will just go somewhere else for pie, dammit!” Dean grabbed his wallet off the counter and left.


Sam nodded and coughed “Uh sorry about... this.” He said and left, leaving behind three stunned Stars Hollow natives.

Drabble 2.

Word Count: 84

Fandom: Supernatural/Doctor Who.

“Holy crap, its bigger on the inside!” Sam’s eyes widened.

“Thats what she said...” Dean snickered.

“Dude that doesn’t even make any sense.”
“Yeah it totally does, shut up.”

“You are so immature you know that?”

“Whataver man you’re the one who-”


The boys looked up to find a young man, wearing suspenders a tweed jacket and a bow tie.

“What up with the bow tie Urkel?” Dean grunted.

“Bow ties are cool.” the man frowned.

“They really aren’t dude.”

The Doctor pouted.

Drabble 3.

Word Count: 184

Fandom: Supernatural/Torchwood.

“So, what can I do for you boys?” Jack winked.

Sam raised his eyebrow and Dean coughed.

“Uhm, we are just here to help round up all the...whatever.” Dean said. “We figured we might as well be useful before we go back to the states.”

“Oh you could be useful alright.”

A cup of coffee was placed in front of a very uncomfortable Dean.

“Don’t mind Jack, he’s just a big flirt.” he said “Flirts with everything with a post code. I’m Ianto.” He said.

“Dean, and my brother Sam.” Dean smiled.

“Thanks for the coffee.” Sam smiled.

Ianto nodded and stepped away. A picture fell from his jacket.

Sam leaned down to pick it up. “Hey you dropped this... wait, I know her.” He said, pointing to the woman who was sitting in the photograph with Ianto.

“Oh? Thats my girlfriend...was my girlfriend, Lisa.” He said sadly.

“Lisa?” Sam raised his eyebrow “Maybe not then...I could have sworn this was another hunter we know, Tamara.” He shrugged and gave the picture back.

Ianto tucked it away and didn’t say anything.
Megan, Mistress of Luci: Spn_Samdark_princess17 on August 17th, 2011 10:03 pm (UTC)
You're like me, some of my graphics are gonna be crappy as I try to finish up this big bang ;)

But I like these! :D Especially the Gilmore Girls one!
Samspnfreak15 on August 17th, 2011 10:07 pm (UTC)
Thanks! yeah the Gilmore Girls one is the one I did last night so I put at least some thought into it, the other two I was just like WORDSWORDSWORDSBLAA