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14 November 2009 @ 08:56 pm
Omegle Fiction  
Kay, so I just had this conversation on Omegle, and figured I would post this because it was kind of very awesome.


Stranger: Okay SAM!
You: <3
You: Thank you
Stranger: no problem
You: We need to get away from the ghost
You: she wont fucking stop
You: we need to find her bones
Stranger: dude, your high on demon blood again? Seriusly!
You: :(
You: sorry
You: i couldnt help it
You: it was right there
Stranger: I understand... so was Cas;s ass
Stranger: just... had to
You: :O
You: T.T
Stranger: when you walked out that door, you werent sammie anymore
You: So you turn to Cas?
Stranger: anyways, Cas is gonna be such a slut in the future, im just investing
You: Srsly? THATS what you saw in the future?1
Stranger: ah yes
You: well, where the hell was I?!
You: I was still alive right?1
Stranger: somehow
Stranger: you where... the devil
You: What? Dean...I...I would never...
Stranger: oh? like the times with....RUBY?!
You: Oh come one, you were dead and I needed a warm body
You: I was recked man
You: I would have done anything to avenge you
You: and she was helping
You: By the time you got back...
You: I was to far gone
Stranger: yes... she was VERY helpfull
You: Well, we killed the bitch so you dont need to worry anymore
Stranger: like, heloing to couse the fricking end of the world helpfull!
You: I didnt know
Stranger: oh sammie... dad was right
Stranger: I have to kill you
Stranger: but if I do
Stranger: we lose watchers
Stranger: and the world gets cancelled
You: :(
You: Dean, you know God(kripke) will find a way to bring me back
You: he always does
You: Hell he brought you back, what, 10 times, at least
Stranger: ...true, but thats because of my real hunk of a man charm... your just cute
You: *puppy dog eyes*
You: :(
You: I got hunky..
Stranger: *raises eyebrow*
Stranger: ...get in the car
You: *gets in the car* O.O
Stranger: *saves for future fanfiction referance* xD
You: <3
You: Thank you for this
Stranger: thank YOU
You: My name on Livejournal is Spnfreak15, if you ever wanna check my fictionz
You: just sayin
Stranger: hehe will do
You: :D
You: your uber cool
Stranger: thanks, so are you
You: kay, bye awesome supernatural fan
Stranger: bye awesome supernatural fan with incest fantasies!
You: :D