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13 September 2012 @ 04:50 am
9 Teen Wolf Drabbles for Beacon Hills 'We're On A Ship' Challenge  

TEAMWORK: Stiles/Lydia, 151 words
Stiles clicked away at his computer while he glanced over at Lydia. She was gorgeous, her strawberry blonde hair flowed down past her shoulders, her plump lips were lined with a subtle pink gloss. She was beautiful.

“Stiles.” Lydia said to him with a frown.

He realized he had stopped typing.

“Oh right, sorry.” Stiles said and turned his attention back to the computer screen.

He didn’t have time to get distracted by Lydia, as distracting as she was. They were translating the beastiary into english, they wanted everyone to be able to read it in case something else happened. Lydia was using her amazing, talented, Latin reading brain to translate it while Stiles typed it up. They’d already gotten half the book finished.

If they couldn’t be anything, if Lydia was still too out of his league (she was), then at least they could be this.

A really awesome team.

SMILE: Derek/Stiles, Past Derek/Kate 146 Words
Stiles made Derek laugh. Derek hadn’t laughed, really laughed, in a long time. Stiles brought light back into his life where she...Kate...had only left darkness and distrust.

It was good to laugh again. To smile again.

Stiles smiled back at him.

“I like your smile, Derek. You should smile more.”

Smile Derek.

Why don’t you smile more?

Derek’s smile turned back into a frown. Her darkness was creeping back up, tainting this moment. He didn’t want that. He wanted-

“Hey.” Stiles said. “Sourwolf, what’s the issue? I give you a compliment and you scowl at me? Dude, you should really learn to take a compliment. Take classes from Lydia or something, I’m sure she’d be able to teach you.”

Derek’s smile was back. Smaller than before, but still there.
Stiles’ light won over her darkness again. In the end, it always did.

FINAL Chris Argent/Victoria Argent, 142 Words
Chris Argent sat next to his wife on their daughters bed. He didn’t want to do this, but he knew he had to. Victoria didn’t want to be one of them, she didn’t want to become a rabid dog.

He held her in his arms, after she asked him for help. Held the knife to her chest as the light of the full moon creeped in through the window. Chris couldn’t do this... She is his wife.

Was your wife

His father’s voice echoed in his head.

The light continued to creep through the window. Chris knew this was it, this was their final moment together. He gave Victoria a soft kiss on the cheek and saw her eyes flash yellow.


The worst sound Chris Argent had ever heard, was the sound of his wife taking her final breath.

WATER, Derek/Stiles friendshipish, 109 Words
Derek was a great swimmer. In high school, he would use the school’s pool after hours to swim off his extra energy. But really, when you are paralyzed from the neck down with a 147 pound 16 year old holding you up for hours, you can’t exactly get that across.

So when they all go down to the lake for some ‘pack bonding’ (The betas’ idea, he just went along with it so he didn’t have to hear them whine) and Stiles produced swim floaties for Derek with a smirk, Derek almost didn’t shove him against the tree and threaten to rip his throat out with his teeth.


LOVE, Scott/Allison, 127 Words
Scott and Allison cuddled in their spot in the woods. No one knew where they were, no one would find them and tell them they couldn’t be. This was perfect, right here, right now. Allison in his arms, not worrying about anyone trying to kill them, not worrying about anything.

You’re not in love, Scott. You’re sixteen years old, you’re a child!

Derek was wrong. Scott was in love, he knew it, he could feel it. Allison was his world, he felt like he couldn’t breath when she wasn’t around. Like suddenly his asthma was back, and she was his inhaler.

“I love you.” Scott whispered in her ear.

Allison turned her head, grinning wide. “I love you too, Scott.”

Yeah, Derek was definitely wrong.

Free, Scott/Allison, Jackson/Lydia, Derek/Stiles, 255 words
“You guys are going to think this is so funny.” Scott bragged as he handed Allison the brightly wrapped package.

“Shut up, Scott.” Jackson rolled his eyes and handed Lydia a similar package.

Allison and Lydia both smiled at their boyfriends as the tore open the paper. They pulled out matching red, hooded capes with their names embroidered onto them.

Allison frowned and looked at it.

“A red cape? Scott you do know that the big bad wolf ATE little red riding hood in the end, right?” Allison said.

“I think its clever.” Lydia hummed, looking at it.

“I think its hilarious.” Stiles chimed in from the corner with a grin on his face.

Derek grunted and produced a package of his own, shoving it at Stiles. Stiles frowned and looked down at it before taking it carefully.

“Its not going to blow up in my face, is it?” Stiles asked.

“No.” Derek said simply.

Stiles slowly unwrapped it to find...

A red hoodie with his name on it.

“Well that was unexpected.” Stiles said and pulled it out. “So its a human thing, not a dating thing.” Stiles commented.

“No, its a dating thing.” Jackson smirked.

“Oh. Oh” Stiles said and looked at Derek, who was looking at the ground. Stiles slipped on the sweatshirt.

“Derek, what big muscles you have.” Stiles said

Derek’s head shot up to look at Stiles in confusion. Stiles just smirked back at him. Derek pulled Stiles close to him and said, “Don’t ever say that again.”


BEGINNING, Stiles/Derek, 136 Words
Stiles groaned and looked at all the books from the Hale library. While most of them burned up in the fire, quite a few of them survived. When Stiles had told Derek he wanted to learn all about werewolves, this wasn’t exactly what he had in mind.

“I thought you liked research.” Derek said.

“I do I just...don’t even know where to begin.” Stiles said.

Derek pulled out a book and held the book out for Stiles.

“Begin at the beginning.” Derek said.

Stiles smiled. “And go on till I come to the end, then stop?”

Derek blinked at him. “Well...yes.”

Stiles’ smile faded a little. “You didn’t- it was a quote...Alice in Wonderland?”

Derek just blinked at him again.

Stiles sighed and grabbed the book from him, “You’re lucky you are pretty.”

OVERCOME, Jackson/Lydia, 126 Words

Jackson hugged Lydia tighter. He’d missed her so much, even though all of this was his fault. He was stupid, he had pushed her away because he was dealing with his issues and had taken it out on her.

He didn’t want his key back. He never wanted his key back.

She’s saved him. Her love for him and his love for her filled that hole in his heart and helped him move on from being the deadly kanima.

Together they’d overcome this deadly, horrible thing. He had so much to thank her for, so much to apologize for, but it was all okay because she loved him.
And he would watch The Notebook a thousand more times as long as he got to keep her.

HURT, Derek/Stiles, 154 Words
Stiles woke up to a sharp pain in his side. He looked down immediately to find his boyfriend’s claws digging into the skin.

Stiles’ eyes shot to Derek’s still sleeping face. It looked pained, and Derek was sweating. Another nightmare.

Stiles pulled Derek’s hand off his side and put it onto the bed. Let Derek to harm to the bed, not his very human, non healing body, thanks.

“Derek.” Stiles said softly. “Derek, its alright, its just a dream.” Stiles peppered kisses all over the werewolf’s face, trying to wake him up.

Derek slowly blinked awake, his eyes Alpha red, but that soon faded, and his claws retracted.

“Stiles?” Derek asked sleepily.

“You had another dream. Its okay, its over. Go back to sleep.” Stiles said and pressed a soft kiss to Derek’s lips.

Derek drifted back off to sleep, and Stiles hoped for both of their sakes that he wouldn’t have another nightmare.

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Nikki: Teen Wolf - Derek Stiles Poolsucksucksmile on September 14th, 2012 04:48 am (UTC)
eeeee the teamwork one.
i just love stiles & lydia so much as bfflz.

yes. i'm commenting one by one.
kate related derek will always give me so much feels. always and forever in every situation.

nope nope nope.

i see you pulling out some on fire references there.
i would pay money to see stiles bring out swim floaties. legit.

Sam: Derek and Stilesspnfreak15 on September 14th, 2012 05:02 am (UTC)

the nope nope nope comment is for the Chris/Victoria one right?
Nikki: Teen Wolf - Silverfox Argentsucksucksmile on September 14th, 2012 06:19 am (UTC)
(Anonymous) on January 24th, 2015 01:29 am (UTC)
You have disappeared