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01 July 2012 @ 02:16 am
Supernatural/Teen Wolf crossover for The Fandom Zoo  

Be warned, this is probably the most awful thing I've ever written.

“Scott, hold up.” Derek Hale said, stopping Scott in the parking lot of the school. Scott groaned, “What do you want now?” He asked.

Derek looked serious, but then, when DIDN’T Derek look serious?

“I’m just here to give you a warning.” Derek said. “There are some new hunters in town, and none of them made deals with their daughters that they wouldn’t slaughter you.”

Scott looked at Derek, confused. “Why would they do that, I don’t even know their daughters. Wait, do I?” He asked, eyes widening.

Derek rolled his eyes and huffed “No, you nitwit, I meant- never mind.” He sighed “The point is, be careful.”

Scott nodded. “Uh thanks Derek, I will?”

Derek just shook his head and left.


“So how many werewolves did you say are in this town?” Sam asked as he cleaned his gun. They sat in a crummy motel in a small town called Beacon Hills, they’d arrived here the night before after getting a tip of some weres hiding out here.

“Two, at least.” Dean said, walking over to check the silver bullets.

“Are you sure? I looked into it man, apparently some hunters already took care of it. The bodies stopped dropping a while ago.” Sam said.

Dean shook his head. “Nah, they’re still here. Got a tip from some woman, said the last hunters didn’t take care of the job completely. Only took out one wolf. The other two must be laying low or something.” He said

“I’m not so sure.” Sam sighed “This just doesn’t feel right to me.”

Dean loaded his gun with silver and looked at Sam. “This about Madison?” he asked

“No.” Sam said simply.

“Alright.” Dean shrugged and tucked his gun into his back pocket. “Lets go hunt us some wolves.” Dean grinned.

“I’ve never killed anyone, I swear!” Scott said, backed up into a tree. Dean held him by the shirt. “Thats a load of bullcrap kid and we both know it.” Dean said, cocking his gun.

“Dean!” Sam said. “He’s just a kid!”

“A kid who’s still a monster, Sam.” Dean said, not backing down.

“No, I’m not!” Scott said “I swear I’ve never hurt anyone, I can control it.” He pleaded.

“You’re lying to me, Scott.” Dean said. “And I don’t like liars.”

“Dean, stop, I think he’s telling the truth.” Sam said, walking over to pull his brother off the kid.

“I am I swear, just ask Stiles!” Scott said.

“Who’s Stiles, your other werewolf buddy?” Dean asked.

“No, no, Stiles is Stiles. He’s my best friend, he didn’t get bit.” Scott said.

“Dean I think we should just...let this one go.” Sam whispered.

“What are you insane?” Dean said “He’s a werewolf Sam, we can’t just let him go!”

“He didn’t choose to turn, Dean.” Sam said, setting his jaw. “He’s not hurting anyone. If he can control it then whats the issue? Maybe thats why the other hunters didn’t finish the job, because they let him go.” Sam said

“Like hell a hunter would just let a monster go.” Dean scoffed.

“We’ve done it.” Sam said

“That was different, she wasn’t-”

“She wasn’t hurting anyone? Neither is he.” Sam said. “Dean cmon.”

Dean sighed. “Fine.” he said “But we’re gunna be watching this town, kid. And I swear if any more bodies show up, we will personally come back and put a bullet in your chest.”

Scott swallowed. “Yeah you wouldn’t be the only one.” He said.

So they let Scott go, and he lived werewofly ever after.

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