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17 May 2012 @ 04:16 am
Annie Are You Okay  
Title: Annie Are You Okay
Fandom: The Hunger Games
Characters: Annie Cresta, Sort of Finnick Odair
Warnings: Major Spoilers for Mockingjay
Word Count: 563
A/N: Written for the 'An Off-Screen Moment' challenge at The Fandom Zoo, where you had to write a scene that was never shown in a movie/tv show/book/comic book/whatever. :)

When it happened, they told her. They told her and she didn’t know what to do. She wanted to run, to scream, to cry, because it was him. Oh god, not him. They shouldn’t have told her. No, no, they did the right thing, she should know. Because she’s his wife.


Oh god, why him?

She needed something, but she couldn’t...she didn’t know what it was. She forgets things. What does she need? She needs something of his, something to cope. Cope. Cope.

Rope. She needs rope. To tie like he did, like he showed her. It helped. She found the piece of rope and began tying. Knot, unknot, knot, unknot. Over and Over and Over and...

They never told her how. Was...was it painful? Was it quick? Slow? Did he scream? Did he even get the chance?

She covered her ears and rocked, but it didn’t help. The thoughts were from inside not outside, and she couldn’t block them out. Her hand clenched and unclenched, searching for another that was no longer there. That would never be there again.

No no no, she couldn’t, not without him. He made things better, he made things okay. He made things make sense. Now he was gone and she was alone.

No, not alone. He left her with something. Something more precious than a rope, but she...what did he leave her with? Something exciting. Something wonderful. Something...He didn’t even know about. She was going to tell him when they got back.

What was it? It was important. It was so important and she was frustrated that she couldn’t remember what it was. Tears streamed down her face as she tried to remember. She screamed because it was the last piece of him she had left, and she couldn’t even remember what it was.

Her stomach flipped and her hand automatically pressed against it. There! That was it!

She was pregnant. Oh god, she was pregnant, with his baby. How could she forget that? Her last little piece of him, and what a wonderful piece. But this was wrong, she was alone. He wasn’t there, he wouldn’t come back and she wouldn’t get to tell him, and they wouldn’t be happy together.

Because he was dead. Gone.

She wondered how it happened, they never told her...was it slow-

No, she already did that. Not again, no more thinking about that. He wouldn’t want her to think about that. But she couldn’t help it. So much death, she had seen. Viewing the games was mandatory, even for ‘victors’ like herself. She’d seen so much death... she wondered what his was like.

Her hands went back to the rope to chase away the bad thoughts like he taught her. Tie, untie, tie, untie...

Her fingers fumbled. He was always better at making knots than her. He tied knots everywhere. He knotted her stomach when they first met, tied her back together after her games ended. His knots held her together, and he was always quick to retie them when she felt like unraveling.

Now she was unraveling and there was no one to tie her back together but herself.

He was always better at tying knots than her. But she needed to try, because she had one piece of him left, and she would protect that piece until the end of time.

Nikki: The Hunger Games - Katnisssucksucksmile on May 17th, 2012 08:46 am (UTC)
I just love this so muchhhh.
But I've already told you that.

Perfect Annie scene. Perfect addition to the book.
Sam: glassesparkerspnfreak15 on May 17th, 2012 06:21 pm (UTC)
Aww thank you <3 I'm super glad you enjoy it because I wanted it to be done right
dance with those lions: bsg: kara/deedance_the_dance on May 23rd, 2012 08:56 am (UTC)
I like The Hunger Games fics more than the actual books, because they have those wonderful POVs of other characters, and this fic is an example of that. <3
Sam: jensen_summerspnfreak15 on May 23rd, 2012 04:10 pm (UTC)
Aww thank you :D