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Phear Mafia Screened Post Thing

Hello all, below you will find the screened comment threads where you can post your RP tasks, your night guesses and your day guesses.

Please have your day guesses in by 10pm EST every day cycle, and night guesses in by 9:30am EST every night cycle. Your RP tasks should be in by 11pm EST to receive your reward for the night. After I have confirmed your RP task, I will PM you with your rewards.
Derek and Stiles 2

Do you like landcomms and Teen Wolf?

Come join beacon_hills</lj>, an interactive challenge comm for Teen Wolf. The very first Phase is starting soon and it'd be great fun to have some new member join in the fun. 

There are two teams: team_argent and team_hale. They're both great teams, and which ever team you join, you will be sure to have a great time competing.

Apply for a team and be sure to tell them I sent you.

I'm on Team Hale, if you want to apply for the team I'm on! Come join, it will be a lot of fun!
Steve/Chris black and white

Pimping out this comm again

because it needs fills desperately. Like really desperately.

SO if you are a writer who enjoys the Kane RPS fandom, and kink, or if you're someone who likes to try new things, or challenge yourself, or anything, go look through the prompts, from this months and the previous months entries, and make someone's day.